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  • What is Airport Fast Track?
    On Arrival: Island Arrangements Airport Fast Track services helps you avoid the hassle and long wait in the lines at the Immigration and Customs by expediting you thru check points. On Departure: Island Arrangements Departure Airport Fast Track helps you with airline check-in subject to airline rules then expedites you thru the Security check point, by-passing the long waiting lines.
  • When should we meet at the airport on Departure?
    Our Service Standard is to meet clients curbside at the Providenciales International Departure Terminal a minimum of 90 minutes prior to your scheduled flight departure time. Without booking Island Arrangements Airport Fast Track services, all international airlines require passengers to be at the at in Providenciales at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.
  • Do I need to stand in line to check in with my airline and drop my checked bags?
    While we will provide assistance and try our very best to get you through your airline check in and bag drop as quickly as possible, all passengers are processed by the airline subject to their respective cabin/class/rules. Our service does not bypass these regulations and we cannot guarantee priority at airline check in or during the airline boarding process. Using an airlines priority check in lane or priority boarding will depend on the class of ticket you have, for the airline carrier you are travelling with, or if you have purchased a product related to these services directly from the carrier. In this instance, it is the customers’ responsibility to produce the relevant documentation at the time of check in to the airline agent.
  • Do you offer lounge services?
    Please note that we do not provide lounge services. The goal for our services is to enable our customers to spend more time enjoying their vacation and minimize the time spent waiting at the airport.
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